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Our company’s function is simply to verify whether or not an individual is on active military duty as of a specific date.  We are not permitted to offer legal advice. Our FAQ section has some relevant information, but, if you need legal advice, contact your closest legal resource.  If you are in the military, contact the office of your local Judge Advocate General.

To inquire if an individual is on active military duty, please do not transmit your request using this non-secure screen and do not transmit a social security number on this screen. Instead, you must register as a user and then go to “Search” or “Name Search”.   There is a one-time charge per name searched, usually $36.40. An affidavit is an additional $20.

If you are contacting us to ask about missing search results, first check to see if your spam filter has blocked our email before contacting us.  This is particularly true with AOL users.


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