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Proposed and enacted legislation about the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

Court Changes SCRA Expectations for Lenders

What are the SCRA expectations for lenders regarding the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act?

The interpretation of this longtime federal law has been that it is the responsibility of servicemembers to notify lenders when they believe they are due protections.

But …

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What Do Proposed Changes to Forced Arbitration and the SCRA Mean to Lenders?

Congress recently announced plans to re-introduce a bill to ban the use of forced arbitration in cases involving the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. This move may prove to have a serious impact on lenders.

The bill, known as the Justice

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Will the Proposed FECRA Modeled After SCRA Help Me?

As a result of the government shutdown, some Democrats in Congress have introduced FECRA legislation similar to the SCRA to help protect federal workers.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act is a revision to a federal law dating back to World …

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Washington State SCRA – House Votes for More Protections

New DoD SCRA Regulations for Moneylenders

SCRA Foreclosure Protection Extended to 1 Year

The original Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provided for protection of Servicemembers against foreclosures for a period of 90 days after active duty.  Since then, we have seen SCRA foreclosure protection extended to longer terms, but all the increases had sunsetted …

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