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All About Military Discount Car Rental

Being an active-duty military member has many benefits, including healthcare, better rates on home loans, and car rental discounts.

Special offers on car rentals can be incredibly helpful for military members. It can mean plenty of savings when they and …

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What Rights Do Servicemembers Have When It Comes To Debt Collections?

Nobody likes hearing from debt collectors. If you’re part of the military, military debt can pose risks to your status, promotions, and career. Military debt is just like any other type of debt. Primarily, it can affect the military personnel’s …

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Can You Look Up Military Service Records?

Being part of the military has plenty of benefits, including healthcare and housing loans. Because of the benefits given to people who have rendered federal military service, it’s only practical that businesses and healthcare providers ask for proof of military …

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How To Spot A Fake Military ID Card

Military personnel are entitled to many benefits, including healthcare and housing incentives. Being part of the military is considered an honor, and that’s why some people pretend to be military. Fortunately, there are ways to decipher if someone shows off …

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Military Spouses Residency Relief Act

Oftentimes, military spouses are required to suddenly move to other states or regions. These moves come with many challenges that fall onto the spouse. The Military Spouse Residency Relief Act is the government’s answer to some of these challenges. It …

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What Are The SCRA Benefits?

Active Duty service members enjoy various benefits. One law that provides people in military service protection is the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). This legislation provides protection and assistance to service members on Active Duty status.

Formerly known as the …

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