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Military Court vs Civilian Court: What’s The Difference?

What’s the difference between a military court and civilian court? Military law can be difficult to understand. This article aims to simplify the process by explaining the military and civilian court systems. We’ll start with the basics and provide clear …

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What is Military Miranda Rights?

If you’ve seen someone get arrested on TV, you’ve probably heard of Miranda rights. A law enforcement officer reads these fundamental rights aloud to people. A person subject to the law is told that they have the right to remain …

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Dating in the Military: Rules and Challenges

Like civilians, service members want to find love and nurture successful relationships. However, given the nature of their jobs, military members face unique challenges regarding their love life. Are certain relationships prohibited when you’re committed to rendering military service?

This …

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Can An Active Duty Servicemember Cancel A Lease?

Few individuals are more likely to accidentally run afoul of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act than landlords. A number of statutes under this law put a thumb on the scale of interactions between servicemembers and landlords in favor of the …

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Can I Foreclose on a Servicemember?

Many lenders are concerned about SCRA foreclosures, and rightly so. A mistake in this realm could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and restitution.

When does the SCRA allow foreclosure, and when does it not?

An excellent law

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Military Desertion: What Happens When Soldiers Leave Their Post?