How Do I Rent My House to the Military?

Renting your house or rental property to military tenants is as simple as renting to civilians. However, it is important to be aware that a military family may be required to relocate at an inconvenient time. As long as you plan for this and communicate with your tenants, renting to service members will be a straightforward and fruitful endeavor.

Whether you are a landlord or rental business, there are several benefits when it comes to renting your property to a service member. The military brings a large rental pool of military personnel with a stable income which leads to tenants consistently paying rent on time. Moreover, the military has programs designed to coordinate with landlords to ease the transition process for service members. For instance the Rental Partnership Program.

Renting to Military Tenants

Renting to military tenants and military families can also come with complications. Service members may have to relocate with very little notice at unpredictable times that conflict with a lease agreement. In these instances, military renters can be covered under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. As a result, it is important for landlords renting to military tenants to understand the SCRA – especially if you plan on taking legal action against a tenant. Establishing lease terms with potential renters in accordance with local and state laws is the best way to avoid legal issues.

Military Families and Service Members

Military Family Wrapped with an American Flag

While some service members may choose to live on base, many military families are seeking housing near a base or instillation. Off base housing provides military families with privacy and space not afforded to them on base.

Military families make a great sacrifice for our country and in return are protected by the SCRA.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

The SCRA covers service members in many circumstances. Generally speaking, benefits extend to active duty members, and members that have recently left active duty. Even National Guard members can be covered. The Department of Justice outlines six main protections:

  • The six percent interest rate cap
  • Protections against default judgments
  • Non-judicial foreclosures
  • Installment contracts and repossessions
  • Residential lease terminations
  • Enforcement of storage liens.

Use the SCRACVS to verify military service

Landlords, property managers and motor vehicle lessors may not always know which of their clients are in the military and which are not. Regardless, military members are guaranteed SCRA protections. Therefore, it is imperative to check military status before beginning any legal action against your renter. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification service is the best place to verify military status.

Many lenders, banks, landlords, property managers and motor vehicle lessors use the SCRACVS to check the military status of their renters and customers. It is quick, easy, and cost effective — we even offer batch discounts for large-volume searches. Results are usually delivered within 24 hours. SCRACVS can also provide live customer support to answer your questions.

Stay safe and avoid fines and penalties for violating the SCRA by using the SCRACVS for all your military verifications.