Rent House To Military: How To Attract Reliable Tenants

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Are you looking for reliable renters? You should explore renting your property to military members. The military brings a large rental pool of military personnel with a stable income which leads to tenants consistently paying rent on time. Moreover, you can expect service members to pay on time, thanks to the Rental Partnership program.

On the other hand, many military families relocate with very little notice because of deployment orders. This means you might have to look for new renters often.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of renting to military tenants, from the current housing options to potential challenges you might face. We’ll also share some tips on attracting reliable renters below.

Understanding The Military Housing Market

When renting your property to a military family, you shouldn’t always expect them to stay long. Many military families move every two and a half years. However, the demand for rental properties will always be high. If your property is located near military bases, you can attract active-duty service members. These military members usually prefer to live near their stations.

Once a service member is assigned to a new location, they have several options to choose from:

  • Government-owned military installation housing: Through this option, your basic housing allowance will be used for rent and most utilities.
  • Single or unaccompanied military installation housing: Commonly known as barracks, this housing option is free. However, it is not optimal for military families because of the lack of privacy. Renters usually share the room and bathroom with other tenants.
  • Off-base housing: This is where property owners and landlords come in. They rent different off-base houses to military members and their families.
  • Buying a home off-base: It is a great option for service members who want to buy their own residence. However, the military family might have to convert this into a rental because of duty assignments.

Renting properties off-base is popular, especially among military families, because they have privacy. Moreover, military renters have more freedom of movement than those who live on the base.

What Are The Unique Needs Of Military Tenants?

Mobility And Flexibility

When renting to military tenants, the service member may need to break their lease early. Under the provisions of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, active-duty service members can terminate their residential lease without incurring any penalties. Many service members are forced to move, and you must be ready to return their security deposit when needed.

Proximity to Military Bases

Military members usually prefer to live near the base where they’re stationed in. This makes it easy for them to commute to and from work. You have a good chance of attracting military tenants if your property is near a military base.

Amenities and Security

Most military tenants bring their families with them. It is ideal if your property is near a school. Making your home kid-friendly is also wise if you want to attract great tenants. You can install a swing or pool for them to enjoy.

Security is also of paramount importance to military tenants. You could think about having a security system installed for their peace of mind.

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Advantages Of Renting To Military Personnel And Families

Stability And Consistency

Active military members receive income intended in part to provide for their families well. You’re assured that your tenant is financially stable enough to afford rent. Moreover, if your property is on the radar of the military community, you can expect other military families to learn about it in the future.

Guaranteed Rent Payment

Active duty military members are given Basic Allowance for Housing. This makes it more manageable for them to pay rent on time. This stipend assures that you will most likely get paid.

Respect For Property

Military tenants are known for their exemplary behavior. You can expect them to behave like model citizens and abide by local and state laws during their tenure on your rental property.

Lower Risk Of Property Damage

Military members are very disciplined. There’s a low risk of damaging your property because these renters are known for their excellent behavior.

Potential Challenges When You Rent House To Military Members

However, there are potential challenges to renting your property to military families. For one, some people might pose as service members because military tenants have better rates and protections. This is why you should confirm the military status of potential tenants. Fortunately, we at Military Verification can help you confirm if a person is a military member. You can visit our website for more information.

Another challenge you may face when renting to military tenants is that they could fall behind on rent. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides military tenants with eviction and allows them to break their lease agreement. This may pose a challenge because you won’t get paid in full and can’t evict them even though they don’t pay rent on time.

Tips For Marketing And Attracting Military Tenants

Contact your local military housing office if you want more military families to learn about your property listing. You can gain insight into how much military families in your area can afford. Alternatively, you should post your listing on online platforms for more visibility.

The key to attracting military families is to create a family-oriented home. Installing kid-friendly amenities can be helpful. It would also be great to offer a special military discount to entice new tenants.

Understanding Legal Considerations

Military tenants enjoy certain protections from the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. The costs might be severe if you don’t follow the law and respect these safeguards. The SCRA stipulates that military members can terminate their lease because of deployment orders. These service members won’t be liable to any penalties, and you can’t evict them without a court order.

However, you cannot discriminate against military families when choosing prospective tenants. Fair housing laws and regulations state that you should treat potential renters equally.


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There are plenty of benefits to renting your property to military families. However, it would help if you were confident that the person you’re making a deal with is a service member. Fortunately, we at SCRACVS can help you confirm a person’s military status. Please explore our website further to learn more.


Does the military pay for a rental?

Technically no. However, service members are given an allowance for housing, which they can use to pay rent.

What is military housing?

This is where military members live when on active duty. They can opt to live on base or off-base housing. For those who choose and qualify for the latter, Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is included in their compensation.

Where do soldiers live when deployed?

Service members have various choices for housing when deployed. Most military families opt to reside in off-base properties for their privacy.

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