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How to Find Out If Someone Was Dishonorably Discharged

When a person leaves military service, one of the most important things they need is their official military personnel files. Also known as DD 214, their military service records can impact the VA benefits they’re entitled to and their employment …

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Do Reservists Need a DD214?

Active duty members of the military are aware of how vital the DD Form 214 is. This form is essential to receiving veterans’ benefits. But does a reserve member need this official document?

Entering military service is considered an honor. …

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Does the Military Pay Off Student Loans? An In-Depth Look

It is common knowledge that millions of Americans have student loan debt. Over 43 million Americans have amassed more than $1.3 trillion in debt for student loans. Paying off loan debt is anything but easy. While getting an education is …

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What Charges Disqualify You From The Military? Find Out

The military has high standards when it comes to recruits. You need to meet the aptitude, physical, and behavioral standards of the Department of Defense and its service branches. But what if you have a criminal record? Can you still …

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Updating Military Records: How to Update DD214 After Discharge

One of the most important documents you will receive after you’ve been discharged from military service is the DD Form 214. Also known as DD214, this is your official military personnel file once you’re done serving in the US military. …

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Can A Disabled Veteran Be Evicted?

Being a disabled veteran can put one in a vulnerable position, but can you get evicted if you fail to pay rent? This article talks about the housing rights of disabled veterans.

Understanding The Challenges Faced By Disabled Veterans

Before …

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