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Can An Active Duty Servicemember Cancel A Lease?

Few individuals are more likely to accidentally run afoul of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act than landlords. A number of statutes under this law put a thumb on the scale of interactions between servicemembers and landlords in favor of the …

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Can I Foreclose on a Servicemember?

Many lenders are concerned about SCRA foreclosures, and rightly so. A mistake in this realm could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and restitution.

When does the SCRA allow foreclosure, and when does it not?

An excellent law

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Military Desertion: What Happens When Soldiers Leave Their Post?

Is there an NCIS for the Army? Let’s Find Out

If you’re a member of the US Navy, you’re probably familiar with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service or NCIS. In a nutshell, this civilian law enforcement agency is tasked with investigating felony crime, preventing terrorism, and protective service operations …

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Military Debt Consolidation Loan: Your Comprehensive Guide

Imagine this: you and your family move to a new town for work and settle into your routine. Within the next two years, you must relocate your family again because of your work commitments. This happens again and again for …

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How to Find Family Members’ Military Service Records?

Serving in the US military is a privilege, so it is no wonder that many families like to dig into the military past of their loved ones. Obtaining military records isn’t just a memento to be proud of. The service …

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