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SCRA Protects Servicemembers’ Dependents Too

SCRA Guidelines for Real Estate Creditors

Banks, lenders, landlords and anyone who rents to or holds a mortgage for a servicemember should be keenly aware of the ins and outs of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. Real estate creditors must address SCRA guidelines before they take …

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SCRA State Laws

To Evict Or Not To Evict: The SCRA for Landlords

My tenant has violated the terms of the lease. Can I evict? The leasee is deployed in the armed forces, and his family hasn’t paid rent. Can I evict?

These are a couple of the common scenarios you’ll typically see …

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Move-Out Penalties Violate The SCRA

Recently a Virginia-based rental company received a cease and desist letter after charging allegedly illegal fees to active duty individuals in violation of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, legislation which allows military members to terminate certain financial obligations while deployed.…

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CFPB Explains ServiceMember Tenant Rights

Complaints from servicemembers regarding their debts are common in Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s database, and the government agency recently posted a blog listing the rights of persons whose military service is currently active.

Complaints from servicemembers actually happen to be …

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