SCRA DOD Search Requirements

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When is an SCRA DOD search necessary? Often in court cases involving disputes around foreclosures, evictions, repossessions, student loans, credit card debt, storage locker contracts and more.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service

The Department of Defense maintains a database — the Defense Manpower Data Center — that stores records for military personnel. When someone does an SCRA DOD search, they can use this database, but certain information is usually necessary. For instance, the searcher would need the subject’s Social Security number and date of birth. Without this information, an SCRA DOD search could return inconclusive results.

The DOD sometimes attaches a disclaimer with search results, saying they are not verified without a Social Security number. While such documentation proves the searcher put effort into determining the subject’s military status, it does not show whether they are or were in the military, so it can be useless in some courts of law.

Another option when doing an SCRA DOD search is to write to each military branch, inquiring about the subject’s status. This can take time, and waiting for an answer can sometimes be infinite, as some branches of the military now refuse to process such requests, saying they do not have sufficient resources to do so.

Support for SCRA DOD Searchers

Those who rely on the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service (SCRACVS) for their SCRA DOD search get accurate results in 24 hours (sometimes sooner!) without a Social Security number or birth date. Moreover, SCRACVS offers live phone and chat support for any customers who have questions about their search or the results.

When relying on the DMDC database, searchers can run into confusion with the six match category codes and inaccurate results. The DMDC implemented some changes last year to cut down on the errors, so SCRA DOD search results are inaccurate only 2 percent of the time now, but this can still be worrisome.

Further, due to changes the DOD implemented in October of 2016, searches for the same person can result in different status outcomes, depending on when the SCRA DOD search was performed.

DMDC search results, even when accurate, do not provide affidavits for use in court cases. While these are not always strictly necessary, many courts of law require them. When doing a SCRA DOD search through SCRACVS, an affidavit can be ordered for an extra $20.

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