All About Military Discount Car Rental

Being an active-duty military member has many benefits, including healthcare, better rates on home loans, and car rental discounts.

Special offers on car rentals can be incredibly helpful for military members. It can mean plenty of savings when they and their families are out on road trips or moving to another city for deployment orders. This article will discuss the details of active duty and military discounts on car rentals. It will give military members a better idea of how they can maximize their privileges.

Understanding Military Discounts on Car Rentals

military discount on rented cars

Select car companies offer military members and veterans better rates on car rentals. Every major car rental company offers this particular perk. However, the discount rates for a rental car depend on the company. Some companies offer up to 35% discount and other exclusive perks such as insurance coverage and free upgrades.

Who can take advantage of this military discount? This car rental discount applies to federal employees of the US government, active-duty members, retired employees, and veterans.

Discount Types for Car Rentals

Not all car rental companies offer military personnel the same privileges. That is why it’s vital for military members to research which options available offer the best deal. In general, car companies offer the following perks:

  1. Percentage off: Most car rental companies offer a certain percentage off if you have proof that you’re part of the military. Some companies offer as much as a 35% discount, while others may offer a conservative 5% discount.
  2. Waived Fees: Some car companies charge a daily rate for customers aged 18 to 24, but they waive this fee if that person is part of the military. Some companies waive fees for other add-ons to entice military members to support their businesses.
  3. Free Upgrades: Some companies offer military personnel the option to have their car upgraded for free.

Top Car Rental Companies With Military Discounts

Hertz offers discount to military community members

Not all car rental companies offer military personnel the same perks. Some companies offer the best deals, which is why they’re popular among military community members.

  • AVIS & Budget Rent a Car: This company offers military members as much as a 25% discount on car rentals. When you pair this with a USAA membership, you can get a bigger discount and a free upgrade.
  • Hertz: Hertz offers a free upgrade and a 5-10% discount to military community members. This perk also applies to Thrift Car Rental and Dollar Rent a Car.
  • Enterprise: Popular because it has the most locations nationwide, Enterprise requires no Veterans Advantage card for its discount code. Military members can also enjoy unlimited miles and no additional fees.

Please note that specific offers and discounts may vary over time. It’s always recommended to verify the current offers directly with the car rental companies or through reliable sources.

Benefits Of Military Discounts on Car Rentals

It would be ideal for military personnel to take advantage of this particular perk for various reasons. Here are some benefits of using this military discount:

  • Potential Cost Savings: Traveling can be expensive, especially when you’re traveling with your family. This perk allows you to lower costs.
  • Convenience: Most military families must locate depending on where the military member is stationed. This perk makes it convenient for them to move.
  • Supporting businesses that value the military: When military members support the companies that give them special rates and better deals, they show appreciation for those who value the military community.

How To Maximize a Military Discount Car Rental

If you plan your trips properly, you can get more than a military or veteran car rental discount. There are ways to maximize your savings and have a better traveling experience, such as:

  • Booking rental dates in advance. You have a better chance of vehicle availability if you book your day rental period in advance.
  • Comparing prices and details. Some companies provide better rates than others, while others may have special stipulations such as car rental return restrictions.
  • Checking if you can use the Veterans’ Advantage discount. Members with this discount card can avail of better rates, depending on company policy.

Additional Considerations

When renting a car, don’t just think about the car rental costs. You should check for the deal’s full details as it may entail a vehicle license recovery fee and free upgrades. Here are some things you should consider while contemplating car rentals:

  • Insurance Coverage: There are car companies that offer free insurance when renting a car as long as you meet the minimum age requirement.
  • Mileage Limits: Some companies restrict how far you’re allowed to travel with their vehicle. If you’re driving across the country, be sure you are renting a car from a company that allows you to do so.
  • Loyalty Programs: Signing up for loyalty programs, such as a Veteran’s Advantage membership, may offer better rates and additional perks.
  • Additional Fees: Be sure to be on the lookout on the dotted line, as there may be additional fees if you do not meet a certain minimum age requirement and other qualifications.


Being an active duty military member and veteran offers plenty of discounts, including car rentals. If you want to save money, you should take advantage of all your military privileges, especially this discount code. If you need a rental car soon, you should check out the best rental options that offer military discounts.

For more details about military benefits and to verify military status, check out Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service today.


What is the military CDP code for Hertz?

The Hertz military code for car rentals is 157299. You must enter this code in the counter discount program field at checkout.

Where is the best place for the military to rent a car?

It depends on the location. In general, the best companies that offer this military discount are Avis and Budget, Hertz, and Enterprise.

Are there always military discounts?

Not all rental car companies offer military discounts and deals. You should check beforehand if the company you’re considering offers this perk.

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