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Accuracy of Military Status Verification

When seeking information on whether someone is on active duty, what can you expect regarding military status verification accuracy? If the information about the person is not entered precisely correctly, how reliable is the response?

“Garbage in, garbage out,” applies …

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Divorce, Child Custody and Domestic Relations Under SCRA

Military Personnel and Custody Disputes

Child custody disputes continue to be at the forefront of family law.  Recent long deployments of military personnel has placed many at risk of losing custody of their children during their extended deployments.  Some issues are addressed by the Servicemembers …

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DMDC Error? Here’s What To Do

Sometimes the Defense Military Data Center (DMDC) or the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service (SCRACVS), based upon DMDC information, reports wrong information. There can be many explanations for a DMDC error. The military branch (i.e. Army, Navy, etc.) …

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SCRA Vehicle Lease Termination

Car lease termination under Servicemembers Civil Relief Act by active-duty servicemembers is possible if the servicemember or their dependents used the vehicle for personal or business purposes.

Active-duty personnel can terminate the vehicle lease if they signed it before they …

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What To Know About the SCRA Waiver

From storage liens to auto loans, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act affords active-duty military members a wide range of financial and legal protections.

For most debt collectors, including lenders, self-storage facility owners, cell phone providers and more, the trick is …

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