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Active Duty And Civilian Student Loan Adjustments

For years, private student lenders have had to make adjustments to repayment plans in order to comply with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, but some are starting to offer similar options to civilians. 

Wells Fargo was recently the first private …

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What are the SCRA Lending Standards?

Editor’s Note:  Since the time this blog article was published, the time period of protections after termination of active duty has changed over the years.  See Section 533 of the SCRA, particularly, Footnote 9.

As major mortgage lenders near …

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How Can Health Insurers Comply With SCRA?

Health care is a major issue in the United States, both for active-duty servicemembers and civilians. While those who are not employees of the armed forces may be primarily concerned with the Affordable Care Act, veterans may be thinking about …

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Does The SCRA Apply To Bankruptcy Proceedings?

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act is an important law that provides protections to those with active military status in regards to civil issues. Because of the specific vulnerabilities that servicemembers face, it is considered important to protect their interests at …

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For-Profit Schools Use Military Status To Bend Rules

The debate regarding for-profit colleges is an important one in U.S. society. According to Washington Post data, tuition costs have risen steadily over the last decade thanks to increasing demand, virtually unlimited access to education financing and especially the consistent

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What Student Loan Officers Need to Know about Students’ Rights Under The SCRA

Students’ Rights Under The SCRA

Students with active military status have more financial protections than ordinary citizens under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. These protections are designed to keep members of the armed forces from finding themselves in a position …

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