How to Find Family Members’ Military Service Records

Serving in the US military is a privilege, so it is no wonder that many families like to dig into the military past of their loved ones. Obtaining military records isn’t just a memento to be proud of. The service …

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DD214 Separation Codes: Understanding Their Significance

By now, you probably understand how vital a DD Form 214 is to a veteran. Formally known as a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, this official document from the Department of Defense gives a snapshot of …

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How Does Custody Work if One Parent Is in the Military?

Navigating child custody arrangements can be a complex process, and the challenges can intensify when one parent serves in the military. The unpredictability associated with military assignments, whether overseas or stateside, adds another layer of complexity to sharing parental responsibilities.…

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Military Taxation: Do Military Pay Taxes While Deployed?

Tax obligations are a well-known responsibility for all Americans, and this includes those serving in the military. But what happens to these tax duties when a service member is deployed overseas? Are they still obligated to pay income taxes?

This …

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Military Spouse Licensing Act: Latest Updates on SCRA Benefits for Spouses

If you’re part of a military family, you’re likely familiar with SCRA benefits for spouses. But did you know another vital piece of legislation affects active duty service members and their families? The Military Spouse Licensing Relief Act is …

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The Ultimate Guide: How to Get a Replacement DD214

If you’re a military veteran, you’re probably already aware of how vital the DD Form 214 is to your life after active duty. Your military records are essential for claiming veterans benefits, like comprehensive healthcare services and loans. Moreover, this …

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