How Long Do SCRA Benefits Last?

The length of SCRA benefits can be different under certain circumstances. Variables such as the type of protection, type of service, and length of service can all affect the application of benefits. As a result, in order to understand how …

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What is military affiliation?

Military affiliation is a term used to describe individuals that have some sort of relationship to the military. It includes individuals who are not directly serving in the military and individuals that are.

A military affiliated individual could be a …

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Which Protections Exist Under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act?

There are a variety of legal protections for active duty servicemembers outlined under the servicemembers civil relief act. They are relevant to civil judicial proceedings and financial transactions. The Department of Justice outlines six main benefits and protections including: the …

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SCRA Lease Termination

As a landlord or property manager, it is important for you to be well-versed in the SCRA and how it applies to you and your business, specifically a lease termination. An error in this area can cost you dearly, so …

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Military Rental Clause

When you rent to a service member, it is important to understand how the SCRA applies to your lease as a landlord or property manager. Violations of the SCRA can result in steep fines and penalties, so staying informed and …

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SCRA Protections for Foreign Service – Car Leases and Phone Contracts