What is the “Active Duty Status Date”?

An SCRA verification is like a snapshot in time. As of what date do you want to know the subject’s military status? That is the “active duty status date.” (For a short time, this was called the “date of interest.”)
If left blank (99% of the time), our system will conclude that the active duty status date will be the date we process your request. If, however, you want to know whether the subject was in the military as of any date after Sept. 30, 1985, you can enter that date. The “snapshot” will be as of that date. The active duty status date cannot be a date in the future.
The Defense Department defines “active duty status date” as follows: “The date used to check if whether or not the individual was actively serving, received a notice to serve, or was serving 367 days prior to the given date, or not. The date can be the loan origination, foreclosure, etc. It must be numeric in the following date format: YYYYMMDD. The date must be after 19850930 (September 30, 1985) and cannot be a future date.”